12 steps to Healthy living you can take right now

Healthy Living is the art of looking after your intelligent biology. Love yourself and love your brain and conscious mind. Dr Bill Prices shares a dozen practical tips that he has personally found to foster healthy living.

Most people face the same issues when it comes to developing a healthier lifestyle, especially managers in the workplace. These include:

  • The challenges of work and life pressure;
  • An increasing workload;
  • No time to eat properly, have lunch or a healthy snack;
  • Little time for relaxation except at the weekends when they tend to over-do recreation;
  • Lack of good colon health;
  • Inter-personal relationships suffer because there is too much busy-ness and performance pressure;
  • Reaching for results all the time; and
  • Inner conflict, guilt and unfulfilled dreams….

Does this sound familiar to you? When life and its vortexes suck us in, we get so busy we tend to neglect our life balance between health and wealth. Yet, our level of productivity is influenced by our health, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Self-management is all about doing those things which help one to maintain best health and maximum personal productivity. Yet changing a few simple habits will result in health and energy and ultimately higher productivity.

Healthy living – which of these things are you missing out on?

  1. Start each day with a celebration for being alive by saying thank you, thank you, thank you! Be grateful and smile.
  2. Practice quiet moments of reflection and mindful meditation;
  3. Create daily habits and rituals to ensure that your actions back up those things that are important to you;
  4. Pay attention to the five types of energy that you have in your body and make sure that exercise and recreation are woven into your daily programme of being and becoming;
  5. Pay attention to your digestive system for hard cut and brain balance;
  6. Drink more water;
  7. Self optimise your health by cleaning out your liver;
  8. Optimise your vitamin D and vitamin B12 and vitamin C intake, add coconut oil and ginkgo biloba to your diet;
  9. Stop using sugar and especially frutose;
  10. To avoid brain fog you may want to consider eat far more fish and exclude lettuce in your salads;
  11. Eat more fibre flex pumpkin seeds sesame sunflower seeds.
  12. Test your saliva to check which hormones are out of sync.

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Bill Price

Dr Bill Price is an international speaker, author and executive coach. Dr Price is based in South Africa where he is well known as a leading Neuroscience practitioner and strategic sage who guides individuals, businesspeople and corporate leaders to achieve their full potential. He also helps empowers people in their personal lives around the themes, of leadership, getting the most out of life and relationships. Consider participating in one of Dr Bill Price's coaching courses or consider attending one of his free 'Synapses'. These neuroscience based webinars are held twice a month over Zoom dealing with a variety of different topics.

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