About Lead Live Love with Dr Bill Price

Dr Bill Price empowers people around themes of leadership, life skills and relationships. The Lead Live Love blog site also includes guest contributions from other executive coaches and neuroscience practitions.

LEAD– the art of excellence in leading like an exceptional neuro-based leader

LIVE – the skilful and mindful and brain-based neuroscience way to live on purpose and not by mistake

LOVE – being attuned, connected to your inner world in meaningful brain-based ways

Introducing Dr Bill Price

Dr Price is a neuroscience practitioner; strategic executive sage and master coach trainer who is based in South Africa. He holds a double doctorate in the fields of Psychology and Neuroscience with over 26,700 one-on-one hours of coaching and mentoring C-suite executives, African royalty, individuals and life coaches.

Dr Price has recently been appointed as an Accredited Master Neuroplastician at the Institute of Organisational Neuroscience and is now part of the npnHub research community for applied neuroscience practitioners based in Switzerland. “I feel honored to part of world experts in the science of Neuroplasticity,” he says. “Ever since I became involved in neuroscience I’ve seen how much value it brings, helping leaders build better businesses or corporate entities, and how leadership needs to evolve because it hasn’t really changed over the years.” For more info read: Dr Bill Price weighs in on neuroplasticity and transformational leadership

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