Dr Bill Price weighs in on neuroplasticity and transformational leadership

Neuroplasticity describes the brain’s extraordinary capacity to change and rewire itself through learning experiences. Dr Bill Price is a Master Neuroplastician Certified Practitioner who offers free Synapse sessions online each month geared at empowering senior leaders through a neuroscience approach to all facets of business.

In this post, you can see a video of Dr Price and Dr Justin James Kennedy discussing neuroplasticity and how it can take your business or organisation on a revolutionary journey.

Dr Kennedy is a co-founder of the Institute of Organisational Neuroscience (ION) in Switzerland. This is a collaboration between academics, corporations, institutes and consultants who are interested in the profession and practices associated within the emerging science of the brain at work. He is also a TEDx speaker, behavioural neuroscience professor and neuroplastician.

Dr Price has recently been appointed as an Accredited Master Neuroplastician at the Institute of Organisational Neuroscience and is now part of the npnHub research community for applied neuroscience practitioners. “I feel so honored to part of world experts in the science of Neuroplasticity,” he says. “Ever since I became involved in neuroscience I’ve seen how much value it brings, helping leaders build better businesses or corporate entities, and how leadership needs to evolve because leadership hasn’t really changed that much over the years.

“Neuroplasticity is the new kid on the block and it’s so powerful, helping leaders to be far more focused within themselves and aware of all that is going on in their corporations. So I love to coach leaders of leaders using actual projects and strategise in real time using neuroscience or neuroplasticity as the trampoline on which we do all our jumping!”

The npnHub recently published the video below inviting viewers to explore the realm of neuroplasticity, guided by Dr. Bill Price’s expertise and experience. We also capture some of the highlights of this presentation in an edited transcript. See Justin James Kennedy interview with Bill Price.

A journey into the realm of neuroplasticity

Attend a synapse with Dr Bill Price

Dr Price’s Synapse sessions are held online usually twice a month via Zoom. According to Dr Justin James Kennedy, “These are insightful and innovative webinars that delve into the practical application of neuroplasticity in various corporate, coaching, and personal development contexts. Led by the esteemed Dr Bill Price, this series offers a unique opportunity to explore how the principles of neuroplasticity can be harnessed to drive transformative change.

“From optimising team performance in corporations to enhancing coaching techniques and fostering personal growth, these Synapses provide a comprehensive understanding of how the brain’s adaptability can be harnessed for tangible and impactful results.”

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For more information about Dr Justin James Kennedy visit https://www.professorkennedy.com/

Synapses are tiny space located at the tip of a neuron, enabling the transmission of signals from one neuron to another.

Lead Live Love

Lead – the art of excellence in leading like an exceptional neurobased leader. Live – the skilful and mindful and brain-based neuroscience way to live on purpose and not by mistake. Love – being attuned, connected to your inner world in meaningful brain-based ways.

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