Video: The Neuroscience Approach to Team Influence

In this video presentation  Dr Bill Price looks at team influence from a neuroscience perspective. Watching this 45 minute presentation will help you answer the following important questions.

  • Have you ever wondered how come your team’s energy and motivation is similar to a roller coaster?
  • Are you concerned about team burnout?
  • Do you know the signs and symptoms?
  • Did you know that you can lead, influence and internally impact your team far more effectively?
Team Influence

The Neuroscience Approach to Team Influence is part of Dr Bill Price’s Neuroscience of Things Series focusing on: Leading, Managing, Selling, Marketing, Teamness, Customer Connection, Culture Design, Relationships and Spirituality.

The presentation is a recording of one of his SYNAPSES* held online via Zoom * A synapse is a place in the brain where intelligence, energy, neuroscience-chemicals creates… Where a neuron sends a message to a target, another cell, creating triggers that release neurotransmitters. A space of action and potential… A space you want to be part of!

What you will learn by watching the Neuroscience Approach to Team Influence

The Neuroscience Approach to Team Influence is an opportunity for you to learn how to lead and influence using the dynamic of neuroscience tools and techniques. During this 45-minute session you will learn how to:

  • Measure personal and collective contributions using neuromarkers;
  • Create collective incisive focus on desired results expectations and outcomes;
  • Generate buy in and self ownership base don self control rather than the myth of will power;
  • Evaluate execution to measure impact and ROI based on your strategy;
  • Orchestrate using the Neuro based P.O.E.M (TM) Model; and
  • Work away with actions that are reality-based and valid to your specific context.

Watch now for an overview on the critical significant things you need to know about how to lead, manage, sell, and influence your team in a very dynamic and different approach.

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Bill Price

Dr Bill Price is an international speaker, author and executive coach. Dr Price is based in South Africa where he is well known as a leading Neuroscience practitioner and strategic sage who guides individuals, businesspeople and corporate leaders to achieve their full potential. He also helps empowers people in their personal lives around the themes, of leadership, getting the most out of life and relationships. Consider participating in one of Dr Bill Price's coaching courses or consider attending one of his free 'Synapses'. These neuroscience based webinars are held twice a month over Zoom dealing with a variety of different topics.

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