Bill Price shares valuable insights from his wealth of coaching experience, encouraging readers to embrace conscious living. Many times when I find myself coaching both in life and in business situations, I become aware of people who confuse living in the present with conscious intent, with always having to drag […]

Mentorship is highly sought after in today’s world, but what about parents as mentors? Could this be an effective parenting style? Dr Bill Price believes fathers and mothers can be excellent mentors.. While the various roles of parenting are often left to individual interpretation, the role of mentor has been […]

There are many reasons for leadership failure in an organisation. In this blogpost Dr Bill Price addresses some of these from a coaching perspective to give readers the confidence to excel in the marketplace. In our collective experience of over 40 years of business leadership, strategic consulting and coaching we […]

Accountability is having control or authority over one’s actions and decisions and being able to answer to someone else. To understand accountability one should ask the question: “Why do some people readily accept accountability while others shun it?” People who embrace accountability make choices, take decisions and take charge. They […]